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Meet the Instructor

I was blessed to be born in a musical family that participated in church music ministries throughout my life. I remember singing in a trio with my two sisters (they used to pinch me to sing louder…they might have overdone it!), played piano, and played clarinet in the church orchestra.

As a child, I took piano lessons from several teachers throughout my educational experience…some great (some “not so great”), but I learned a lot from each of my instructors about music, life and teaching.

I went on to college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sacred Music with an emphasis on vocal performance and with a piano proficiency. While still in high school and throughout college, I participated in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble and took private vocal and piano lessons. During my college experience, I participated in Handbell Choir and Concert Choir. I gained much from my fellow musicians, my conductors and my teachers. Having had many philosophy and pedagogy classes in preparation for the education degree, I gained experience on each of the woodwind and brass instruments.

In the many years since my college graduation (do I have to admit how many?), I continued to take private piano lessons periodically. My greatest teacher, however, has been my students. I continue to learn from each of them. I enjoy identifying and encouraging my students’ strengths and learning preferences, as well as determining ways to bolster them in weaker areas. I’ve even learned to delve into teaching those who are specially challenged, finding out how they learn, why they love music, and how they can express themselves with this fabulous gift of music.

I am not the most accomplished piano performer in the world, but God has molded me into an accomplished teacher. By His grace I am able to share the love of music with adults and children effectively. We have a lot of FUN together. My students love to come to lessons, prepare well, and perform with excellence. I am abundantly blessed to be able to do what I love.

Warmest regards, Miss Kristi

  • Bachelor’s degree in Sacred Music with an emphasis on vocal performance and piano proficiency.
  • Teaching in Michigan since 1992 and full-time since 1999.
  • Successfully prepared students to received “Superior” ratings at the National Federation of Music Clubs Jr. Festival.
  • Successfully prepares students to perform Local through National programs at the Piano Guild Auditions, sponsored by the National Guild of Piano Teachers and the American College of Musicians.
  • Professional Organizational Memberships:

    2001 – present
    National Guild of Piano Teachers, Oakland/Macomb Chapter
    (Served as: Vice-President of Membership; Audition Center Chairperson; Social Chairperson)

    NFMC Jr. Festival Oxford Center
    (Site Coordinator)