Why do I have two invoices?

As we approach August, you have received two invoices in your INBOX. One invoice is for the monthly tuition, the other invoice is for the Annual Materials Fee for the year August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017. The Materials Fee covers books/CD’s and participation fees. I have sent two invoices because some of you have automatic payments set up for regular tuition fees and I didn’t want to confuse anything for you.

Two special items to note:
1. If you are interested in setting up a recurring automatic payment for tuition, let me know because my Quickbooks software now offers this option for student families.
2. If you are a new student within the past 4 months, you have not been charged an additional Materials Fee.

Olympic Rings

The Summer Olympics—Music Style comes to Kristi Balding’s Music Studio!

Dear Parents, if your children tell you that they are supposed to practice in ways they never have before, you can believe them! We’re participating in the Summer Olympics—Music Style! We are going to take the month to play games, drills and all sorts of fun stuff! All of these things will accelerate our learning for the year!

Students will be carrying torches, winning medals and celebrating music of the world. I can’t tell you all of the news, as I have to keep some elements of surprise! Summer Olympics—Music Style will challenge students according to their level of study in the areas of note reading, rhythm, interval training, technical skills, ear training and more! There will be opportunities for student creativity and freedom in some of their choices.

Let’s get fired up as we end the summer with Olympic Games!